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Thirteen years ago I met Peyton while we were both working for an email marketing company. I was in sales and Peyton was a developer. At the same time, I was attending a non-denominational church in Raleigh, North Carolina. After a church service one Sunday, I was introduced to John Whistle, who was also an entrepreneur that was making things happen. We hit it off immediately, but like Peyton, never really stayed in constant communication with each other.

Over the next several years I randomly hung out with John and Peyton, but it was never all three of us together. It was a few years later before I even introduced them to each other. They quickly hit it off as well and for the next couple years we all kept in touch with the occasional hangout, growing closer every time, and sharing things we learned through our business successes and failures.

It was just a couple years ago that our families started hanging out, having cookouts, and going on vacations together. During one of these outings, we realized all three of us were frustrated. We were sick of the ecommerce industry just making little improvements here and there, and never really reinventing itself. I mean, ecommerce is 26+ years old, you’d think it would have made some massive shifts by now. 

Technology had grown by leaps and bounds, but businesses were using the same tired static ecommerce models that were decades old. We wholeheartedly believed the reason for the pathetic 1-3% conversion rates everyone has been getting was due to the fact that the core essence of ecommerce had never really changed, yet consumers demanded more. The changes have been nothing more than superficial and simple improvements, like putting lipstick on a pig so they say. 

Then, out of nowhere, I came across a new type of online sells channel used in China. It allowed influencers and 

businesses to sell directly to their customers in real-time through live video streams. It caught my attention big time! I immediately immersed myself and read every article and watched every video I could find and became truly fascinated watching these live shows - even though I didn’t speak or understand their language, ha. I just couldn’t stop watching and studying this live selling thing. It was a game-changer for me, and I couldn’t believe not a single company offered anything like it in the U.S.

It was right then that I had the biggest epiphany of my entrepreneurial career. As business owners in America, and all across the world really, we had been conditioned to think that 1-2% conversion rates are good, and that 3% is great. Wow! Think about that for a minute, because in reality, that’s horrible! You spend all this time and hard-earned money to get 1 - 3 people to buy from you out of every 100 that visit your site! Just like you, we didn’t know any better because that’s all that had been offered to us and so, we just accepted it and moved on. I’m here to tell you right now, 1-3% is NOT OK, it is not even remotely good, and you shouldn’t accept it! We’re seeing up to 20% - 30% conversion rates, longer customer lifetime value, higher cart order sizes, and true relationships being built with our customers using live commerce. I tell you what live commerce is in just a minute.

Ok, moving on with our story… One afternoon following a UNC Tarheels football game, I told Peyton about this new online sales channel. He was hooked immediately. He also saw the crazy value it would bring to every type of business, influencer, and non-profit who used it, and how it would absolutely change their life forever. We agreed to work together and bring this idea to life. Just a few days later I told John about it, and with pure excitement he was on board, too.

There was no turning back. We were certain this would change the face of online commerce forever and so, with total immersion, we built the first-of-its-kind platform delivering what we call live commerce, to the U.S. and abroad.

SoldLyve was born and has become the new and totally different way for businesses to sell online. Twelve amazing, dedicated team members have worked tirelessly for many, many, months to bring this to life.

We’re excited for the world to adopt live commerce into their business! We believe God brought us together at this exact moment to deliver major value to you and what you do. We have been called to serve and this is our way of doing that. We are here for you and are so excited for the value SoldLyve offers, allowing you to take your business to levels you never experienced before or even thought possible!

-Xan Spencer, Co-Founder & CEO


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